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Sports Eyewear

Sports eyewear protects your eyes while playing sports. In baseball and tennis, for example, balls can travel at over 90 mph. Getting hit in the eye by an object traveling at that speed can cause serious injury or blindness. Hands, elbows, fingers, or fists can also accidentally get jammed into an eye during sports play, causing corneal abrasions, retinal detachment or worse.

Polycarbonate lenses used in sport eyewear protects the wearer from 90% of all sports eye injuries. These type lenses have a high degree of resistance to impact; far greater than glass or plastic. You can have prescription lenses or clear lenses, and the padded bridge makes them much more comfortable to wear than other types. Sport eyewear has deep-grooved eye wires that keep the lenses intact in the frames under rough playing conditions.

You can get various types of specialized lenses for your sports eyewear depending on the type of sport you play. Outdoor sports activities may mean that dark, UV lenses would be more beneficial than clear lenses. You can get anti-fog, anti-glare, and scratch-resistant lenses, and they even make sports eyewear that is optimized for peripheral vision.

At Marston Optometry, we use RecSpecs Eyewear for the latest in protection and comfort in sports eyewear.


Marston Optometry carries a large selection of styles and colors of sunglass wear. Protecting your eyes from exposure to the UVA and UVB rays of the sun is important. The brands we carry can provide 98% protection from these harmful rays.

We can also provide you with a polarized sunglass lens option. Polarized lenses reduce glare and provide you with clearer vision in the bright sun. Children should consider sunwear also, as people under the age of 20 are more susceptible to eye damage due to UV exposure.

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